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Photography is not my job, it's my passion. I believe that each photograph tells a story, of a special moment, with authenticity, uniqueness and artfulness. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you plan your perfect photo session. In or out of the box.

Through my lens the world looks different and I would like to show you that difference. Experienced in various types of photography. Strong aesthetic sense. Extensive communication, cooperation, and service skills. Critical thinking, analysis, and strong attention to small details .

I especially enjoy the initial contact and discussions I have with future clients, seasoned professionals, current clients or simply someone interested in exploring the idea of a photoshoot. Communication is always an essential component of the process.

For mainstream images, please follow me at


Creation The Studio

A place where I work to create unique imagery and bring your vision to light. The studio is located at 279 av Thorncrest, Dorval, Quebec (H9S 2X7). Here is where discussions and photoshoots happen. A comfortable, relaxed and professional setting.

We are not bound by the studio. On many occasions, I have worked or met at different locations or sites throughout the city.

Software lightroom & photoshop

Here is a sample on a selected digital image.

Photo Processing
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