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The new website has been active for a couple of weeks now and appears to be working fine. I have received several favorable emails commenting on the site content and navigation. Much appreciated. Thank-you.

The carousel above contains the inaugural eight images used on the 'Home' page. I plan to update and/or replace one or several of them on a regular basis throughout the year.

Remember, if you have opinions, thoughts or suggestions for the site or just want to comment, please use the 'Contact' page, [email section], to forward those along.

If you would like to discuss a photoshoot, commercial, personal or otherwise, I'd suggest you use the 'Contact' page, [email section] or DM (studio@fotovation.com).

At last

Looks as though I'm all set to launch the new website on March 31, 2018. Only last minute preparations left. I'll have to verify the workings of the email portion of the website. I'll need to be live, on my server, for this to happen. I'm very optimistic I won't have any problems.

I hope you enjoy the new site. It's been a 'labor of love' for me, since day one, when I started working with the code, about two months ago.

I would welcome any ideas, opinions, suggestions etc. (positive or otherwise) regarding all aspects of the site and/or imagery. Please use the [Contact] page to submit your thought(s). I thank you, in advance, for your interest in the website.

Enjoy !!

launch of a new site

I have been working on our new site for a couple of months. Not everything has gone smoothly, but I've learned much from the exercise, all good. I'm at the point of selecting images for the different pages and this should be the last step before looking at technical and website flow issues for laptops, desktops and personal devices. Hope to have the site up by the end of this month. Stay tuned.

Meet Mario Carangi

I am a photographer who utilizes mainly "a story-telling" technique to capture unique and creative imagery.

Whether that imagery is for commercial, corporate or personal gain, we make it all work together for you, seamlessly.

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